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This is a depiction of a Tamaran Sniper, dressed in full arctic gear. He is wielding an S.S.P. (slip shield projectile) sniping rifle with a Nul-Grav tripod for stability.

S.S.P.ís (pg. 131) are probably the most advanced type of firearm available, simply because of the microtechnology involved in the weapon. Each projectile round is actually a lethally shaped mini-generator. This tiny generator projects an individual slip shield around the projectile which enables it to penetrate anything that is not slip shield, force field or magically protected. The advantage here is that unprotected targets get no Damage Reduction Rate of any kind, and that the weapon can shoot through most hard cover easily.

N.G. TRIPOD (pg.135) The term tripod is a little misleading, as this piece of equipment has no legs to stabilize it. These pieces of equipment can be attached to the underside of any firearm barrel and serve to stabilize the weaponís muzzle during combat. They are psy cell activated and once turned on they emit a minor EMF that stops the movement of the weapon (although the muzzle can be swiveled in any direction). When the tripod is active you could actually let go and the weapon would simply hang in the air.

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