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Rooka Skeleton

The creation of undead by mages and necromancers is a common practice in the game of LAZER.

This particular illustration is of an animated Rooka skelton. The stats for Rooka can be found on pg. 242 in the Lifeforms section in the book.

Below is the spell description, pg. 80 in the Mage Skills section:


  Rooka Skeleton  
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This spell allows the caster to create one simple undead, specifically to animate either a skeleton or a rana for a twenty-four hour period. While animated, the undead will obey all of the creators commands to the letter. After the spell has run out the body will cease to animate and drop to the ground in an unanimated heap. The remains of any lifeform can be animated, and will have the physical abilities as a living member of the race in question (for further details on simple undead see UNDEAD).

Duration: One day

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