The Volarian Wastes

Sometime around the birth of the planet Tamara, a burnt-out star turned meteorite and imbedded itself in the surface of the planet, leaving a third of its mass above ground. The stone appears to be a small, lone mountain jutting out of the desert in center of the Volarian wastes.

Known as the Morn Stone, it emits an energy field that naturally dampens all powered items and technology within ten thousand square miles of the stone. Every attempt to destroy or dislodge the stone has failed, and the shells of dead power equipment ring the perimeter of its confines. Everything from air cars to nul-grav tanks that have either foolishly tried to cross the no-power boundaries or simply strayed off course and were forever lost to the desert, line the border as a testament to the Morn Stone’s power.

The Volarian Wastes are a desolate, forbidding land where few species dwell. Those that do, like the two Volaki women pictured here, are hardy and resourceful beings...

A small teaser about Tamara, the Volarian Wastes and the Volaki species can be found in the bonus chapter of LAZER- General Rules and Species (beginning on pg. 270)

  The Volarian Wastes  
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